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CHRISTIAN DIOR Round Crystal Necklace

Discover the iconic round crystal necklace from DIOR, a true gem representing the style of the 1980s. With its classic design and exquisite craftsmanship, this DIOR round crystal necklace is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also a valuable collector's item. The captivating shape and dazzling crystal embellishments make it a truly remarkable accessory that deserves to be treasured.

Conditions: Unworn and in excellent condition, classified as an unused beauty.

Note: Original packaging not included.

Unused grade beauty product : Only if it has not been used during this period, or has been opened, can it be called a new product.

S-Class Beauty : Maybe the customer has used it, but it is the same as new, or the product has been used about 1-2 times.

SA grade to AB grade beauty products : In good condition, the whole is in good condition without major scratches, and the boxed accessories are relatively complete.

Grade B or below : There are specific and obvious scratches, or some minor faults, but overall it still shows good value.

Daily maintenance

Try to avoid letting second-hand beauty products come into contact with corrosive products, such as soap foam for washing hands, perfume, alcohol or cleaning products.

develop good habits

Spray perfume first and then wear jewelry to ensure that the perfume will not be sprayed on the body of the medieval beauty, causing oxidation; do not wear jewelry to take a bath, any jewelry cannot accept long-term soap baptism.


Don't touch the jewelry frequently, dirty hands may make the second-hand beauty products get dusty and lose their luster.

CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈
CHRISTIAN DIOR 圓型閃石項鏈| 經典款式 - Vintasy項鏈

need to know purchase requirements

⋄ All antique accessories may have traces of use or defects, please consider carefully before purchasing

⋄ Once the used products are sold, they will not be returned or exchanged

⋄ If the product is not marked with any accessories, we will have our own small packaging to ensure safe delivery to customers


Based in Hong Kong, introduce Japan's high-profile medieval beauty products.At VINTASY, we bring you vintage designer jewelry full of history and stories to add depth to your style.Whether you're looking for a classic style or want to make a statement, our jewelry has what you need.

Customer praise


Today I can finally return the picture. It’s better than your chain. It’s newer and clean, and it’s really special. It’s a good young man, and it’s a good shirt. I’m going to wear a white shirt recently. When I open the bag, there’s a nice fragrance and a perfume (like jomalone blue) Wind chimes taste) really good value!


received!The real thing is really beautiful and exquisite
Condition is good~
This is the first time for me to buy second-hand jewelry. Thank you for being patient and polite all the way to answer my queries and teach me the truth and falsehood.
In the future, if there are other antiques that I want to buy, I will contact you

Hong Kong

Immediately change the left shirt and return the picture for you! I am so happy to receive it~~ I hope your business will do better and better. Come on!

Hong Kong

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